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Exide is the world’s OLDEST manufacturer of batteries. It’s the Brand you can depend on for Durability, Performance, and Value! Used by the US Military, Exide delivers the endurance to survive in tough, rugged conditions. It’s the leading Original Equipment supplier for many of the finest automotive brands including BMW, Fiat Chrysler, Mercedes Benz, Renault, Nissan, and Land Rover. You can Trust Exide!

Exide Batteries are Made in the USA.

Exide, is the Long Life Battery that performs! Exide batteries last on average 75% longer than the lesser-priced competition.  And with NEW LifeGrid Plate Technology, they are more powerful. This new plate manufacturing technique makes plates stronger and provides better heat and vibration resistance. That translates to less downtime and less cost to you. Exide has the lowest defect and warranty claim numbers on the market. Based on our tracking claims under warranty and returning customers, you would have to purchase 2 batteries from our lower-priced competitors for just one Exide Battery. That translates to almost 50% savings using Exide. Exide is the Long Life Battery and Always includes free maintenance and electrical system checks AND 6 months extra prorated time on your warranty. That’s Battery Depot value!! Since 1888, Exide has been at the forefront of battery technology. 

Take a look at vintage Exide advertisements.



We thought it was time to offer our customers an alternative battery choice that was easier on the budget while providing durability and quality. And though it is not Exide, we offer you the same Warranty. This is not a regular lower-cost alternative with a shorter warranty.

This is a battery from a highly rated, quality manufacturer that still saves you money and gives you good value. No low-cost, short-warranty alternative here. We will stand behind it just as we do with our higher cost Brand. We are so confident about the quality, we kept the same warranty as . After all, Our Name is On It. 

Battery Depot High Performance Batteries are offered in popular sizes for Automotive, Truck, Lawnmower, Generator, and Marine applications. A quality battery that works with your budget, while having the same warranty. It’s a great choice.