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Welcome To Battery Depot Trinidad Ltd.

Our Goal at Battery Depot is to be Your Solution for Batteries for Every Need. If what you use has a Battery, chances are we have it. We stock over 250 different Battery Types and Models, and we source equipment specific batteries as needed.

About Us

Since 2011, our goal has been to supply the best battery, with the best service, at a fair price. And to have all your battery needs in one place. At Battery Depot we stock over 250 different battery models and types. And the list keeps growing. Some equipment specific models we special order as well. We strive to be your energy storage solution.

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Our Service
Only The Best

We only work with OEM Brands and Factories with the best quality record.


We specialize in Batteries and Energy Storage Solutions. We supply Batteries, Chargers and Testers.

Oldest Brands

We represent some of the Oldest Brands in the business. Exide, US Battery, BBI, Panasonic, Clarios, to name a few.

US Sourcing

We Source Batteries from the USA. Though not all are produced in America, we search for the brands with the best quality rating.

The Right Battery

We don’t just want to sell batteries, we want to build relationships. We always recommend the right battery for your application.



World's Oldest OEM Battery

World’s Oldest OEM Battery

Made in USA Since 1888

Our Brand for Fleet & Marine

Our Brand for Fleet & Marine

OEM Quality at a Great Price

Pure Lead AGM

Pure Lead AGM

Best For Power Hungry Needs

Deep Cycle

Deep Cycle

For Golf Carts and Solar Systems

Motorbike and Jet Ski

Motorbike and Jet Ski

High Performance AGM Powersport

Powersport & Auxiliary

Powersport & Auxiliary

AGM for Auxiliary Applications

Sealed Lead Acid

Sealed Lead Acid

For Backup & UPS


Does Your Company Have a Large Fleet?

Our batteries last longer. You SAVE. On average, based on our tracking, our automotive and truck batteries last up to 75% longer under normal conditions. So for every 2 batteries you purchase with our competitors, you save as much as 50% using just one of ours.

Does Your Company Have Battery Backup?

We have your battery. Don’t throw your UPS away! Just replace the battery and save money.

Does Your Company Need Peace of Mind?

We provide one of the Best Warranties. But, we don’t mind. We seldom get any returns for defective batteries. And we work with you to make sure you have very little down time with your equipment.

Let Battery Depot Be Your Solution!

We work with Corporate and Fleet Managers, Government Agencies as well as the Public at Our Outlet. It’s Our Specialty. One Call, One Source, The Right Energy Solution.